Ultimaker 2

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Ultimaker 2
Ultimaker 2 3D printer
Technical Specifications
Build Volume 210 x 210 x 200 mm
Filament Types PLA, ABS
Filament Sizes 1.75 mm
X/Y Resolution 0.125mm
Z Resolution 0.02mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Max Nozzle Temperature 400° C
Heated Bed yes
Max Bed Temperature 100° C
Additional Information
User Manual Ultimaker 2 - User Manual v1.13.pdf
Website Ultimaker 2 Support


Due to its ease of use and ability to produce high quality prints, the Ultimaker 2 is the most popular 3D printer at MakeICT. It has been upgraded with an E3D V6 hotend and geared E3D Titan extruder for increased reliability. Unlike the stock version, it uses 1.75mm filament which is the standard among all of the printers at the makerspace.

Access Policy

See 3D Printing for access policy.


See 3D Printing#Workflow for workflow information.


This printer was purchased using grant money from the Wichita Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation.