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DavidSprings.jpg ← Totally current photo


Immediate Past President, MakeICT

Area Lead, Letterpress

Former Treasurer, MakeICT

Former Area Lead, Jewelry

Former Security Lead

Keep the phone number for 911 handy. Memorize it if possible.


This project list is hopelessly out-of-date, but someday I'll get around to making a more complete list, with photos.

Useless Box
M.A.M.E. Arcade Cabinet
Street Art Mailboxes
Desktop 3-Axis CNC/PC Board Mill/Jewelry Wax Mill
4-Axis upgrade (planned)
3D printed Saturn V rocket (under construction)
Antique Table Radio - Internet Radio/Media/Podcast Mod
Frankie, the Talking Taekwondo Punching Bot
Godzilla Eats Tokyo - backyard whirligig
Godzilla Eats Tokyo II - backyard whirligig
Darth Vader Statue Jukebox
Magic Mirror
Seymour Butts, the All-Seeing Eye
Darth Vader talking bank
Self-Balancing Cane
Hammered Coin Ring Hammerer
Cell Phone Wrist Mount
Floppy Drive Digital Orchestra
Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher for dogs