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James is a maker who found MakeICT when he was starting to setup his own stuff, and was wondering why Wichita doesn't have a Makerspace. Since then he's helped as much as he can to expand the space and education of people. He printed and half-made the board (Tom added the components to it) for the first 3D printer at the space, and has taught several classes on 3D printing. Due to other the other members named James, if you are looking for him, ask for 3d printer James as opposed to electronics James (Seymour). He's also interested in everything, including electronics.

Interests and history of interesting projects: He got started 3D printing in 2012, by assembling his first printer from a Makergear Reprap Prusa Mendel kit, and has modified it since, as well as printing MakeICT's Reprap Prusa Mendel, has created a few more printers, including a Resin printer (also from a kit, after struggling with his own designs) and recently hacked one of his printers to do a rainbow of colors. If there are questions, he's happy to answer them if available.

He also built a poor CNC machine at home, and bought a small mill which is on indefinite loan to MakeICT, which is now up and running, after recently identifying the problem. Hopefully with CNC classes beginning Real Soon Now.

For an intended project, he build a crude, but surprisingly good, 3D scanner using a line laser, and a cellphone camera. It broke twice, and rebuilding it has been in the real soon now category for a bit. It'll be replaced with a pair of Raspberry Pis using their cameras, and a pair of line lasers which are offset to provide more coverage.

He has also learned about electronics, and enjoys working with them.

He's interested in basically everything else.