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I am john Nicholas

I live in Derby. My MakerSpace Superpower is Turning Wood into Interesting and sometimes useful round items. I started developing this Superpower in 2004 with the purchase of 250 BF of Walnut to build my wife a China Cabinet. The seller would not budge on the price, he did add an older wood lathe. I learned to rebuild the headstock and haven't looked back.

I joined MakeICT in July, 2019, A friend John Ranney, encouraged me to check it out.. I wanted to learn to use the metal shop and some equipment in the wood shop that I don't have at home. I have taken 3 classes in the Metal Shop, completed a specialized turning tool and a good start on a stool for my shop.

I intend to become an active Maker and participate in the various activities at MakeICT. I have taught one class on DIy Home Energy Efficiency, and I am scheduling some classes to share my Super Power with other Makers.

Future projects on my list are many and varied. Mostly Round Wooden Items, things for my shop, my home, my garden.

I am married with one adult daughter. When I am not at a lathe, I do some Genealogy, Read and Work in My Yardl I enjoy my old iris, and have some winners in 2 Iris Shows last year.