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Phone: areacode 512 #712-3495


I grew up near Beaumont, TX with a Mom and Grandmother who both sewed and, while I was in high school, they worked for a local fashion designer. That and several other life events, made me realize designing beautiful clothing was my calling. I took pattern making as an elective while in college at Sam Houston University majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Those skills can into play in 2003, when a client at Jo-Ann's Fabrics asked me to make the sample garments for her children's clothing collection and I've been chasing the dream in some form or fashion ever sense. I'm a very versatile designer mostly designing new classics in boutique, cocktail, and evening wear, a MLW piece will still be in style several years after it's created. I love to challenge myself and anything that gives my mind a workout inspires me to create. I love creating my work as well as helping others by teaching, pattern-making, dyeing, fiber art and even producing items for them. I have worked as a sewn product developer making safety gear for military, consumer good, and the aerospace industry.