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Purpose of online presence

  • What is MakeICT?
  • Do I want to join? How?
  • What are some upcoming events?
    • I'd like to register for event X
  • What are members working on?
  • I'd like to join/participate in special interest group X
  • Where could I learn more?
  • How do we take people from interest to member?
    • Add email and questions to Meetup

Current State


  • WP
  • on ITS server. Only Dom and John have accounts. Only John has sudo access.
    • ITS is cooperative. The general outline is that they deal with low level (mysql, etc.) and we deal with high level (WP, etc.)
    • There's some overlap. For example, we've played with Apache configs etc.
  • Custom code by Obiedom (Makerspace gears, WA API, what do you want to learn/teach)
  • Wild Apricot
  • FB, Twitter, G+, Meetup, Google Calendar, Google Groups



  • create FB page
    • RSVP and tix are separated on FB.
    • Figuring out how many people are coming and getting them to buy tix is tricky
  • put on Google calendar
  • put in WA

Special Interest Groups

  • Some are maintaining their own google group lists

Web Page

  • front page needs work. See Dallas Makerspace website for comparison
  • perhaps a list of events coming up as a widget in WP?


  • integrate FB, WA, etc.
  • tickle reminders about events
  • WA should be transparent to the user, ideally
  • members host about themselves, their projects


  • Slack channel?
  • Trello?
  • Bitbucket or other issue tracker?
  • Who posts on our various social media? (not stepping on each other's toes while at the same time not being bureaucratic)

Short Term

Medium Term

Long Term



stuff we don't need to talk about in the Live Hive Jive


integration of WA such that WA is transparent

  • already working: proxy makes WA appear as part of the makeict.org domain
  • issues: