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General Information

The Welcome Center is the first area to greet you as you enter the front doors of MakeICT!

This is the place to sign in for classes and events, find office supplies, and meet up with other members to hang out.

The Welcome Center Area also includes the Break Room.

Area Lead

Position vacant

Welcome Center Area Guidelines

Guest Badges:
Per the Building Access Policy, guests must wear a name badge. These can be printed at the Welcome Center desk. If the printer runs out of labels, more can be found in the supply cabinets behind the desk. Or, notify the area lead.

Announcement Boards:
There are two cork announcement boards: One by the front door, and one in the hallway. Feel free to post any MakeICT announcements or other appropriate information you feel would be of interest to MakeICT members. This is also the place for Area Leads to post Taking Offers forms. Please remove your announcements when they are no longer relevant. Please don’t remove any announcement that isn’t yours. If you have concerns about an announcement, contact the area lead.

The cabinets on the North side of the Welcome Center contain office supplies including pens, permanent markers, note cards, staples, paper clips, etc. Members are free to take what they need for MakeICT projects. If you take the last one or would like to request something new, contact the area lead.

Lost & Found:
A lost and found box in the bottom, right cabinet on the north wall of the Welcome Center. Place any lost personal items you find in this box, and fill out the form with the date the item was placed in the box and a description of the item. Only take items from the box if they are definitely yours. If you retrieve an item, write the date the item was retrieved. If you aren’t sure an item is yours, contact the area lead.

Drop Off Box:
A drop off box is located in the same cabinet as the lost & found box. You can use this box to place items that will be picked up by another member. Label all items with the name of the person retrieving the item. Only leave items that will fit in the box. For larger items, please make other arrangements. Only take items from the box if they are meant for you to take.

Phone Chargers:
A limited number of phone charger cables (USB Micro, USB Type-C, and Apple) are available in the same cabinet as the lost & found box. These chargers are available for any member who left their own charger at home, and are to be used at MakeICT only. Please return all cables to the box when you’re done using them.