Building & Property Access Policy

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  • No person may occupy the MakeICT Makerspace building outside of officially posted event times except for the following:
    • Members in good standing who are in possession of a key to the makerspace that has been granted in accordance with the key policy.
    • Guests of members with keys, as described in the guest policy.
  • All members and guests must obey all standing rules and policies.
  • All members and guests must have a signed waiver on file before using any equipment in the makerspace, and must have the appropriate authorizations for any equipment that requires authorization, as specified in each area access policy.
  • No sleeping/living on the property (occasional naps are okay)
  • People who have been told to leave the property by security or board member (both of whom shall constitute authorized persons for K.S.A. 21-5808(a)(1)(A)) and people who have had keys revoked, may only be present on the property as guests of security officers or board members.
  • All art, signs, etc. must be approved by the appropriate lead, committee, or board. All space not allocated to a specific area belongs to Facilities.

Approved by the board 19 April 2018, modified on 3 May 2018, December 19 2019, April 20 2023,, and August 17 2023.