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Property Sale or Disposal

  • Due to space constrains, it is necessary to remove equipment or other items from MakeICT.
  • In order to maintain an accurate and up to date inventory system, all MakeICT property that meets the requirements to be inventoried must have the following procedure followed.
  • No signatures are required to dispose of or transfer items that were accepted as hackables.
  • Items donated or purchased by the corporation may not be disposed of or placed in possession of a third party without the signatures of three different people:
  1. The applicable area lead
  2. A member of the MakeICT board of directors
  3. The makerspace program director or secondary board of directors member
  • Items donated or purchased by the corporation may not be disposed of or placed in possession of a third party without the 3 signatures of
    • The assigned lead, if existent, if not, a member of the board of directors
    • 2 additional members of the board of directors
  • Fill out the Taking Offers Form with the approval signatures and attach form to the object.
  • Create a post on the forum under the For Sale category:
  1. Title post "Taking Offers:" followed by the name of object.
  2. Include in the post a quick description and the location of the tagged object so anyone can add their bid to the form.
  3. Only bids included on the Taking Offers Form will be valid.
  • Add the name, location of item and duration the designated area on the bulletin board in order to reach more people through out the building.

Receipt of Sale/Disposal

  • Fill out the Sale/Disposal Receipt for any transactions of items required to be tracked in the inventory system.
  • MakeICT is not exempt from collecting sales tax. Make sure to include the appropriate taxes on the form.
  • Make a copy of receipt to be give to the Treasury and/or Inventory Committee. Attach all Taking Offers Forms for all items listed on the Receipt form.

Equipment Loans

  • The borrowing of equipment from MakeICT is not allowed for personal use. However, the use of MakeICT equipment for educational events is sanctioned by the Board of Directors as long as prior approval is granted.
  • To request an equipment loan:
    • Complete Equipment Loan from MakeICT Agreement Form
    • Obtain approval signature from the Area Lead or Committee Lead in which the equipment resides.
    • Send Agreement Form to the Board for approval
    • All three signatures are required before equipment loan
  • By signing the Agreement Form, the borrower takes responsibility for the care and use of the equipment as outlined in the agreement form.

Approved by the board on December 17 2020

Updated by Anna DiSalvo on 12/29/2020

Amended on December 15, 2022