April 19 2018

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • President - Kim Burton
    • Vice President - James Lancaster
    • Treasurer - David Springs
    • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
    • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
    • At Large Director - Kip Landwehr
    • At Large Director - Malissa Long
    • At Large Director - Kez Cook
    • Immediate Past President - Logan Pajunen (absent)
  • Members
    • Jeremiah Burian
    • Zaq Fam
    • Ken Steadman
    • Mike Barushok
    • Romi Worcester
    • Harold Schlechtweg
    • Henry Nelson
    • Jacob Walker
    • Casey WoolFolk
    • Joel Gutierrez

Standing Items

  • Treasurer's report
    • 95% of transactions thru paypal
    • every time paypal gets over a few hundred dollars, the money is moved into the main account
    • up 10% in transactions, up 30% in sales
    • TDAmeritrade has gone up .05% since opened
    • need to setup meeting with each area lead to see if funding is appropriate in each area
    • motioned by Kip to approve budget report, 2nd by LaDeana
      • motion approved - 7 approved, 1 Abstained
  • Previous minutes
    • Minutes for March posted 4/19
    • Minutes to be reviewed in May
    • Minutes for February also to be reviewed in May
  • Safety & security
    • Discussed reactivating key for member
      • Has letters of recommendation
      • suggest allowing membership, but without key privilege
        • could use space as long as member is supervised
      • need to seek legal advice before making a decision or making a policy
        • suggest appropriate funds for legal council
          • see what other holes in access policy we need to cover
      • suggest blasting out e-mails in the future when future policy changes are made
        • will not blast out this policy legal council answer
        • motion to postpone access until legal council comes to an answer and provide maximum budget of $400 by David Springs, 2nd by Kez Cook
          • motion approved - 8 approved, 0 abstained/opposed
    • Update on safety list
      • Extension cords – David Springs is working with contractor
      • Fire extinguishers – Relocated a few (one next to bathroom), signage needed (Mike B), might add one to the metalshop
      • Signage – Might wait for re-arranging laser cutter area. Safety committee working on this.
      • Hazardous fumes – Area policies in work, future updates at the area lead meeting.
      • Children – Area policies in work, future updates at the area lead meeting.
      • Trip hazards – Awareness for members
      • First aid kits – Awareness for members
      • Pest control – Awareness for members, but hey no popcorn in the recycling bin
      • Muscle Strains – Awareness for members
      • Education – Awareness for members
  • Thanks & recognition
    • Thanks to Christian K for cleaning stuff out of furnace closet
    • Thanks David S for dealing with plumbing issues
    • Thanks Shannon Fisher for giving lots of tours
    • Thanks Devin for going crazy on cameras
    • Thanks Joel & Roni for starting on a cool plastics recycling project & winning ICT Soup

New Business

Key Policy

  • David to propose a new aka old key form
    • Proposal from David was to https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LEKEe8Syeo-IyYhHcoEJioKcUT1zm2-_/view?usp=sharing
    • Except strike the line that says “D. Security Officers cannot sign Member Key Applications.”
      • Propose keeping key form to 1 page (front only)
      • Security Officer is currently not allowed to process form if they signed
      • Request allowing any officer to sign regardless if they already signed the form
      • update key policy on wiki
      • questionnaire does not necessarily provide benefit to members?
      • Kip suggests having questionnaire as separate page (possibly with policies on reverse side) and reword iiD to allow security person to also be one of the 6 signatures
    • tabled until May


  • Electric Bus was broken into
    • Batteries were taken from Bus but were found nearby
    • Batteries for Bus are now secured outside of the bus
  • Errors & Omissions policy - David Springs to go get a quote from our insurance on adding this


  • Should the non-makerspace programs be spun off into separate non-profit organizations? Discussion of what needs to change and added to financial oversight for them to stay on, or we can help them apply for their own status.
  • DevICT looking to become seperate non-profit organization
    • DevICT would have to be under the MakeICT Institute financial umbrella to maintain non-profit status
    • Not much apparent overlap between MakeICT and DevICT
    • DevICT does have their own treasurer
    • DevICT might be able to incorporate as a LLC (Limited Liability Company)
      • Currently considering both options (LLC vs Non-Profit)
    • Still willing to cooperate on events and activities together
      • already seperate checking account for Kansas Linux Festival (KLF)
        • KLF would go under DevICT umbrella if it becomes a 501c3

Authorization policies

  • Logan to propose a revision to allow director/area leads to revise access policies
  • Christian submitted a policy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eYtUpj89UgcJzo_F7ZzC8qfNRVvdQhYvPkYt8o6EN14/edit
    • added as bullet under access policy
      • gives area leads and director ability to modify access policies
      • need to consult insurance how this would impact liability of leads
    • any board member can vote to repeal policy
    • motion to approve updated access pollcy by LaDeana, 2nd by Malissa
      • insurance currently covers directors, no coverage for leads
      • textiles policy was already approved to work similarly
      • Motion Approved 5 approved, 2 opposed, 1 abstained

Lake Afton Observatory Partnership

  • James Lancaster to write up proposal.
    • @TODO (James, no date): write proposal for partnership with Lake Afton Observatory.

Badge Policy proposal

Board term duration

  • The 1-year term duration was highlighted as an opportunity improvement. Malissa, LaDeana, Rustin and James L to write up proposal.
    • suggestion for 2yr term
    • James - likes idea for continuity on board, but would be a conflict of interest
      • the point of 1yr terms: gives membership more of a chance to provide feedback
    • Mike B - changing terms is trying to solve a problem that is not a problem
    • Jacob - suggests allowing board members to be re-elected for more terms
    • Suggest continuing discussion on admin e-mail

Education Workgroup

Education working group meeting was April 2. 13 attended.

  • Look out for an interest survey of all classes to target which ones we need on regular curriculum
  • Campaign in a few weeks to reach out to teachers on summer break
  • Thank you Christian for automating the "how'd your class go?" survey!

Offsite equipment

Annual meeting planning

  • Based on last years deadlines, proposal is:
    • May 18 call for nominations & questions
    • June 9 deadline for questions
    • June 16 Annual Meeting
    • Help has been requested to setup election stuff
      • Kip has offered to help
    • Recruiting/Nominating Committee - Kip, Curt, Barb, James Seymour

Program Reports

  • Makerspace
  • DevICT
  • Maker Academy/Outreach - Riverfest STEM City tents, Encampment next Saturday
  • Kansas Linux Fest will not be in May, leads are looking at schedule

Committee Reports

Committee signup is at http://bit.ly/makeict11


  • Finance (David)
    • Where are new building funds allocated?
  • New Building
    • Requirements capture update
  • Membership and Events (LaDeana)
    • Next general meeting is the annual meeting in June
    • Membership report: We have 400 members! (per Wild Apricot)
      • Mar 2018 - 25
      • Feb 2018 - 31
      • Jan 2018 - 54
      • Database change is causing issues with our pull of lapsed members. Christian/LaDeana to work on a report.
  • IT
    • Electronic waivers are happening
  • Security (David S)
  • Scholarships (Kim)
  • Outreach (Barb)
  • Makerfaire (James S)
    • Submit your tables!
  • Fundraising/Donor recognition (Paul M)
  • Communications (James L)
  • Strategic Vision (Malissa)
    • NOMCON June 9-10 Santa Fe New Mexico
  • Special Projects (David)
    • Electric Bus
      • Joel offered to help with bus

New policy approval Kansas offenders list - require board approval to get a key

Decision Summary

    Task Summary

      • motion to adjurn by Malissa, 2nd by Kez
        • 8 approved, 0 opposed/abstained