December 14 2017

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • President - Kim Burton
    • Vice President - James Lancaster
    • Treasurer - David Springs
    • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
    • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
    • At Large Director - Kip Landwehr
    • At Large Director - Malissa Long
    • Immediate Past President - Logan Pajunen
  • Members
    • Jeremiah Burian
    • Barb Davis
    • Matthew Pogue
    • Tracy Hoover
    • Neal Mabe

Standing Items

  • Approve previous minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Finance Committee Report

Program Reports

  • Makerspace
    • Front of the space arrangements (Thomas/Christian)
  • DevICT
  • Maker Academy/Outreach
  • Kansas Linux Fest (May)

Committee Reports

Kim updated Contact Information with all committee leads. Committee signup is at

Committees needing leads

Can Kim send out the signup as drafted? Open lead positions

  • Need to find better way of communicating committee openings to members
    • May need leads more involved with finding volunteers for committees
    • Committee sign up sheet does not automatically mean someone is elected to that position
    • New committees to include:
      • Special Projects
      • Decluttering
      • New Building Search?
  • IT
    • need to start transition plan
  • New Building
    • Jens helped find our current member
    • should include area ‘experts’
    • would prefer active members
  • Special Projects
    • need to come up with a plan for the electric bus
    • 2017 Special Projects: Meme Cabinet
    • need to look at more collaborative projects
    • to be led by David Springs
  • Art (includes consignment)
  • Decluttering

Committees With Reports

  • Finance (David)
    • each area needs to make sure funds go thru the treasurer
    • need to keep visibility of what money is coming in and what is being spent
    • if areas run into suppliers that don’t accept the MakeICT credit card, we can set up accounts
    • BIG PICTURE: it is all one pot of money
    • need to make sure there is feedback on events, expenses, and payments
    • since the space if fairly filled, we should start looking at taking donations to pay for big ticket and large machines
      • most equipement last year was purchased thru fund raising
    • unless we make more than $25,000 in the year, we do not need to pay sales tax
    • curtains and LED lights have helped cut utility costs in addition to this mild winter
    • need to start sitting money aside for a contingency plan/new location
      • would like to put majority of funds into an interest account
      • would need to have account signed by Pres, Vice Pres, Treasurer, and Secretary
    • Security cameras have been purchased
      • will be used to help document incidents incase someone is injured or something happens to equipment
    • any money that comes in is put in envelopes, scanned, and recorded
    • if an area needs money for repairs/improvements/etc, do not be afraid to approach the treasurer about it
      • Budget is responsibility of the board
      • @TODO (Kim, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (James, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (Rustin, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (Kip, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (Malissa, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (LaDeana, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (Logan, no date): review Budget for 2018.
      • @TODO (Kez, no date): review Budget for 2018.
  • Membership and Events (LaDeana)
    • Science Hack Day February 17-18 (May be replaced with supporting a WSU event - Invent for the Planet?)
    • Next general meeting is March
    • Membership report
  • IT
    • Discourse transition plan in work
      • Backups
      • Subdomain and email should match (talk vs forum)
  • Security (Matt P)
    • Camera system update ($700 approved last meeting)
      • System has been purchased and tested, to be installed soon
      • Need to discuss with leads the best spot to put cameras
    • ID badge enforcement date

Committees Without Reports

  • Scholarships (Kim)
  • Outreach (Barb)
  • Makerfaire (James S)
  • Fundraising/Donor recognition (Paul M)
  • Communications (James L)
  • Strategic Vision (Malissa)
  • IT (Paul H)
  • Special Projects (Kip)

New Business

  • Strategic planning resources
    • January meeting is the goal. Join area lead + board?
  • NOMCON tickets
    • NOMCON June 9-10 Santa Fe New Mexico
  • Lake Afton Public Observatory
    • To be reviewed in email then approved at a board meeting
  • Spirit partnership
    • Mike H is meeting with them to learn more about the surplus process
  • IT Group

Decision Summary

    Task Summary