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Any active member of MakeICT may have their email forwarded from a email address to an email address of their choice. In addition most modern email providers (such as gmail) allow users to set their "from" or "reply-to" email address to a confirmed address of their choice.

All executive committee members are encouraged to use their emails for all correspondence related to MakeICT. To set up email forwarding, email a request to

Leadership Contacts

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Title Individual Email Forwards to Preferred Email
President Michael Atherton
Vice President Aaron Rivers
Secretary Gretchen Koch
Treasurer Rustin Atkeisson
Director At Large Dean Day
Director At Large James Lancaster
Director At Large LaDeana Dockery
Director At Large Serena Oden-Powers
Immediate Past President

Committee Leads

MakeICT Committee leads are appointed by the board of directors as needed, with an on-purpose review every September. They attend MakeICT board meetings to report out on their progress and ideas.

This table is in the process of being updated as of Oct 2020.

Committee Committee Email Lead
Classroom Committee
  • Schedules classes and rentals for events LaDeana Dockery
Communications Committee
  • Gather stories about our coolest tools, events, programs and makers
  • Distribute needed information to our members
  • Make sure we are represented across social media platforms
  • Create signs, flyers, and brochures for marketing
  • Lead efforts to keep our wiki up to date

Serena Oden-Powers

Events Committee
  • planning, setup, and managing of events relevant to MakeICT
  • Indoor Events include: 5th Monday, Seasonal Parties, Vendor Events
  • Outdoor Events include Ren Faire, ComicCon, Makerfaire Patricia Cortes

Finance Committee
  • Treasurer assistance & oversight
  • Budget creation
  • Finance and audit procedures
Fundraising Committee
  • Pursue grant and fundraising opportunities
  • Work with communications to make sure donation opportunities are well-publicized
  • Recognize donors

IT Committee
  • Manage computers owned by MakeICT
  • Maintain the network at our makerspace
  • Update tools and applications needed for our website James Lancaster
Membership & Community
  • Improve processes for getting new members on board
  • Host parties, game nights, potluck meals, and general events that help humans bond
  • Give mini-tours of the makerspace
  • Assist with Maker Monday
  • Check people in for classes
  • Review scholarship applications
  • Set scholarship guidelines
Security Committee
  • Manage access to the makerspace
  • Address safety concerns Michael Atherton

Inventory Committee
  • Aid area leads and other committees to keep current inventory up to date
  • Create and maintain policies in regards to equipment use and procurement
  • Maintain MakeICT's inventory database

Area Leads

The Makerspace Area Leads are appointed by the MakeICT board of directors each year. They are each responsible for some specific square footage of the makerspace. Area Leads appoint their own area lead assistants. All of the area leads meet monthly to discuss makerspace issues and ideas.

Area Area Contact Email Lead Assistant(s)
Textiles ​Lead June Huie

Rayna Fisher

Ceramics ​Lead Russell Owens

Fab Lab ​Lead David Miller

Facilities Joe Birzer

Electronics ​Lead James Seymour

Kez Cook

Mike Barushok

Metalshop ​Lead Larry Meeks
Printmaking Lead Doug Wilson
Woodshop ​Lead Aaron Rivers
Jewelrymaking ​Lead Michael Atherton

Letterpress Doug Wilson

Lounge / Breakroom/ Welcome Center
Visual Arts Kristopher Paxton

Garden Sean Sandefur

Other Contacts

Title Email Forwards to
Information Technology team IT Committee
Area Leads all of the Area Leads
Board of Directors Officers and at-large directors
Code of Conduct Reporting Code of Conduct Reporting committee

Board History

Document containing history of MakeICT Board Members: Link to History Page