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Because of MakeICT's growth, we are running out of space. In an effort to cut down on things that prevent working in the space, as well as a few cases where things which may cost to be disposed of have been left at MakeICT, we are instituting the following policies at MakeICT:

Donation Policy

We encourage the donation of equipment and other material to the space in order to full fill the needs of our membership, however, we do want to limit the need to dispose of items that are not needed at the space. If you would like to donate something to the Makerspace, please contactl the appropriate Area Lead or the Inventory Committee with information on donations. The Lead and/or Inventory Committee will determine if the item can be utilized at the space or not. Items we don't have any use for can also be donated to be sold by MakeICT and the proceeds will contribute to the betterment of the space. In the event that a donation has conditions, it must be approved beforehand, please contact the Inventory Committee to discuss the conditions. The donation will be tracked by utilizing the Equipment Donation Receipt which a copy will be given to the donor to utilize for tax purposes if they desire.

Prohibited Items

MakeICT will not accept donations of:

  • Anything containing hazardous material
  • CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes),
  • Excessively large items which impede the work flow of the Makerspace

Restrictions may be added to this as needed.

If there is a question, you can ask about it on the forum ( or sending an email to .

Hackables policy

Items donated to the space may be designated as hackables, in which case, they are intended to be hacked, taken apart for parts to use in projects, or otherwise used by members. The one restriction is that hackables shall not be taken simply to be resold. Any Area may have a hackables deposit, which will be clearly designated. Hackables should not be deposited any where else in the facility. Each Area will have more information on their individual hackable policy/drop off location, so please check their wiki page or contact the appropriate Area Lead if you have questions. If you wish to receive a letter for tax purposes about a donation designate as hackables, the donation must follow the donation policy.

Approved by the board on December 17 2020.

Page last updated by Anna DiSalvo 1/8/2021