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Project Goal

Come learn with use as we introduce programming skills via a project. Each week we will discuss a part of embedded programming with the vision of understanding the hardware and software details. We can discuss/contrast the Arduino IDE to the way we perform the same activities, initially writing the code for the underlying libraries that we can later relay on.

This workshop end goal is not to just prototype a system but enjoy the path that takes us there.

We will meet to discuss different topics every Thursday at 7PM

We will post the notes from each meeting here:

Weekly Discussion Slides

  • 3/24/16 Introduction:

Due to wiki file limits, this file is broken into 2 parts

Media: Embedded_Thursdays_p1.pdf
Media: Embedded_Thursdays_p2.pdf
  • 3/31/16 Programming Blinky:
  • 4/07/16 Inputs with Blinky:
  • 4/14 and 4/21: Introduction to variables and timers using PWM:
  • 5/5 Introduction Binary and I2C:
Discussion Code FileMedia:I2C_Sample_Code_draft.pdf
  • 5/19, 6/2, 6/9 Hardware Implementation:
Note the actual values of the pins we will use moving forward to develop our robot
Presentation:Media:5._Hardware_Implementation.pdf  ** updated

Install instructions

Workshop Materials

Important Documents

  • STM34F411 Manual: Link
  • STM34F411 Datasheet: Link
  • ST Micro HAL Manual: Link
  • Programming the STM32F book: Link