February 5 2017

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Discussion and Decision

  • Request to change the FabLab Access Policy
    • Proposed policy:
      • 3D Printers and Foam Cutter
      • LASER Cutter
        • Use of the Laser Cutter requires attendance in an authorization workshop hosted by one of the approved instructors. Visit the Laser Cutter page for details and a list of approved users.
        • Use of the Laser Cutter requires authorization by an approved instructor. Classes will be offered on a regular basis for those who need them. Visit the Laser Cutter page for details.
      • All Equipment
        • Equipment requiring authorization may be operated by an unauthorized user only under the direct supervision of an authorized user.
  • Motion to approve the FabLab Access Policy, as typed above
    • Motion passes with 5 ayes, 0 nays, 3 not voting, and 1 recused
  • @DECISION: The proposed FabLab Access Policy is approved.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary