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This page is about how to edit our wiki.

We use MediaWiki, which has lots of help files here:

There are also some tips here to get you started.

Creating a new page

  1. Type your anticipated page title in the search box in the upper right corner
  2. You'll see a link that says "Create the page *My new page* on this wiki! See also the search results found."
  3. Click your title in that sentence

Wiki markup

  • When typing, skip two lines for a paragraph break.
Here is some text.

Here is some more text.
  • Link to pages within the wiki with double brackets:
Here is a link to our [[laser cutter]] page
  • Link to external pages with single brackets:
[ Google]
  • Insert images with the image tag:
[[image:name.jpg|thumb|This Is A Caption]]

This will result in a red link. After you're done with your page, click the red placeholder link and it will take you to an image upload page.

  • Start each line with an asterisk for bulleted lists, or a number sign for a numbered list


We found this nice table generator here: