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The wiki you are looking at is one of our most valuable assets. Not really, but obviously you wouldn't be here if you did not think there might be something worth reading. This is not it.


The wikibrarian is kind of an odd thing, I have never found a definitive definition anywhere.

Partly analogous to a Librarian, usually wikibrarianship involves maintaining the infrastructure, defining or refining the logical structure, enforcing rules, and curating.

Here, our infrastructure mostly is maintained as an outside service.

Our logical structure is almost entirely defined by organic growth. We started with a page about our organization, and built from there.

Some rules

Rules are mostly as defined in our Standing rules

   Be excellent to each other
   Illegal activity is forbidden
   Share the workspace, tools, supplies, and knowledge
   Pickup after yourself by cleaning the workspace and putting away tools
   Get training on tools before using them
   Make safely (do not be on fire!)

as much as they each apply.

Getting Started Using Our Wiki

Accounts are manually created, we were allowing anyone to create an account until we were hit with some hundreds of spammer accounts in a short period of time, which required manual deletion and was a pain to take care of. If you'd like an account, please email the IT group ( with your name, and request for a wiki account (or ask around the makerspace if you are there.)

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.