March 21 2021 Garden Committee

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Garden Committee Notes: 3/21/2021


Old Business: · FULL SITE MASTER PLAN Input wanted from us for modifications of master plans that were presented at the Board of Directors meeting 3-18-21. · DIG SAFE WILL BE DONE TUESDAY

· Obligatory Announcement: We’re Official! The Garden Committee is a Board recognized Specialized Committee with all the powers and obligations that that entails. We have been granted the requested space, and can ask for more space as appropriate.

· Extension Office- Nancy Available for initial consultation Friday Number of items brought up in email exchange with Aaron. Other information provided by a second email. Will let her know Friday afternoon works for us.

· How Organic should we be No herbicide, pesticide, chemical fertilizer. Best effort, impossible to be perfect. Possible to add gutters, downspouts, rain barrel to 400sq ft 'gazebo' to collect rainwater.

· List resources Cargill, possible, would likely require sign acknowledging. Looking into Johnson Garden centers. Aaron contacts in local urban farming community. Place to start seeds inside MakeICT building. Tool storage possible next to exterior stairs in 'boiler room'.

· Plan our action Get soil samples sent off. Buy garden hose. Get meter for water. Explore fencing options.