November 13 2016

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • Logan Pajunen
    • John Alexander
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Tracy Hoover
    • Dominic Canare
    • James Lancaster
    • Curt Gridley
  • Members
    • Tom McGuire
    • Sam Schurter
    • Jeremiah Burian
    • David Springs
    • Jeff Eck
    • Jerry Carpenter

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer's Report
    • Accrual vs Cash Accounting discussion
    • @TODO (Dom, no date): Recruit a volunteer to work with Tracy to review accrual vs cash accounting

Old business

  • Area Lead access policy draft document
    • Draft proposed at meeting
      • Proposed Amendment: Add a bullet that states: "Failure to abide by these policies may result in removal from area lead position."
      • Proposed Amendment: Change the terms "signed-off" to "authorized"
    • @TODO (Logan, Before end of day (Nov 13)): Determine where each of these bullet points will go in the existing policies and send an email to approve the changes
  • Area Lead selection process
    • Reduce Area Lead count?
      • Group some areas together and have one Lead for all of them so they work together more?
      • Tracy: "No convincing argument from either side, but we need to remain open"
      • Deadline for people to express interest in being an Area Lead is November 28.
      • Need to ask Area Leads if they’re interested in continuing.
    • Distinct Areas that should have a defined Area Lead call
    • Fablab - Yes
    • Woodshop - Yes
    • Metal shop - Yes
    • Ceramics - Yes
    • Electronics - Yes
    • Print making - Yes
    • Textiles - Yes
    • CNC = Tormach + Shopbot - Yes
      • Interested individuals could be assistant BD’s if we don’t name this as a separate area
    • Jewelry - Yes
      • Interested individuals could be assistant BD’s if we don’t name this as a separate area
    • Facilities - Yes
      • Kitchen
      • Lounge
      • Classroom
      • Co-working
      • Bathrooms
      • Technology
      • Security
    • Gallery - Yes
      • Each show in the gallery needs to have specific, hard start and stop dates
        • While a show is in place, the gallery is a gallery and should not be re-arranged or repurposed
        • While a show is not in place, the gallery is shared workspace
  • Motion to change "Benevolent dictators" to "area leads"
    • @DECISION: Benevolent dictators will now be referred to as "Area Leads"
    • Motion passes with 2 opposed and 3 not present
  • Preliminary budget draft review by Treasurer
    • Received budget information from several areas.
    • Areas that have not yet submitted a budget are blank on Tracy’s budget docs.
    • Need a working meeting with all the Area Leads to hash out the area budgets?
      • @TODO (Tracy, no date): Contact each Area Lead and setup times to work with them on Saturday the 19th
    • Will need a meeting of the Board to approve the area budgets

New business

  • Exploration Place Maker Faire partnership with Jan Luth
    • Proposed partnership agreement
    • Curt: "We need to make sure we have backing in our organization before we commit to this."
      • Proposal: recruit and build committee before signing formal agreement
    • Concern: how much / do we need to budget for this
  • Outreach Director
    • Can we find a non Board member to be the director of Outreach?
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Talk with Barb to find suitable director for Outreach
  • Makerspace director
    • Let’s redefine this position to include the things that it’s currently doing (resource scheduling), and exclude the things it doesn’t currently do: area-lead management
    • Org chart: this would make it a sibling to BD’s (who would then be directly under the board), instead of a parent
  • KLF Director appointment process

Decision Summary

    Task Summary