Purchase Card Policy

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By utilizing a Purchase Card from MakeICT, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this policy.

Purchase Cards will be assigned to Leads with an approved budget at MakeICT upon approval of the Treasurer.

Purchase Cards have a limit that will be set by the Treasurer and can not be exceeded during any one month. The limit can be modified with approval by the Treasurer per the Purchases and Reimbursements policy. Each member with a Purchase Card will have their approved monthly budget, any shop specific donations, and purchase of materials from that specific shop available on their Purchase Card the following month. Purchase Cards should only be used for expenses that are designated to your area and no other expenses. Purchase Cards may not be used if for some reason the Lead vacates the position.

Use of Cards

  • The member with a Purchase Card will set up a profile.
  • For every purchase on the Purchase Card, take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the purchase card app, or other place specified by the treasurer. All receipts must be legible and show the itemized copy which includes all items purchased, the grand total, and where it was purchased from. Receipts must be uploaded within 7 days
  • All items purchased must be entered into the inventory, with the purchase price, and marked as consumable or not.
  • Any misuse of the Purchase Card could result in suspending or forfeiting the Purchase Card to the Treasurer.  Authorized purchase card administrators may also suspend purchase cards.  The person who disables the purchase card will notify the cardholder within 48hrs of suspension. Remediation will happen at the discretion of the Treasurer.

Reasons that the Purchase Card could be suspended include, but are not limited to:

  • Using the Purchase Card for personal expenses1
  • Using the Purchase Card for another area’s expenses
  • Not taking photos of the receipts and attaching them to the transaction
  • Failing to attach receipts within a time frame specified by the treasurer
  • Not entering items into the inventory system
  • Vacating the position

1 If the Purchase Card is used for personal expenses, the member will be required to reimburse MakeICT immediately, no later than the last day of the current month. If the member refuses to reimburse MakeICT, disciplinary actions will be taken that may result in revoking membership privileges and/or legal action.

This policy will include Bento cards (ending in 2024), Pex cards (beginning in 2024), and any other cards issued in MakeICT’s name.

Approved by the board on April 18, 2024