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Contacting Security

Security E-mail

The E-mail is used for members to contact the security group for anything security related.

Including, but not limited to

  • Activating a key
  • Reporting a lost key
  • Needing to replace a lost key ($5)
  • An issue with a current key
  • An alarm in the Makerspace
  • A breach in security at the Makerspace

Following items are things the security group can not help with

If you are having an issue with your key, please provide detailed information including: when your key last worked, specific date and time that you attempted to use your key and it didn't work and if the lights on the scanner changed when you attempted to scan your key. If you do not actively monitor your email for replies, provide a cellular contact number.

The Security Team Members:

- Security Lead, Rustin Atkeisson
- Security Officer, LaDeana Dockery
-Security Officer, Michael Atherton

Security System

Electronic Door Entry

Getting a Key

Key Policy