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People can loan tools to MakeICT if they wish. This is an alternative to donating tools.


  • MakeICT is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement if: the item is damaged due to an action that occurred after being brought into MakeICT’s possession, or is stolen from MakeICT. 
  • Once the item is returned to the lender, MakeICT is no longer responsible for replacement or repair. 
  • MakeICT agrees to notify the lender promptly if the equipment is damaged or lost.
  • For the protection of the loaned equipment, each Item will have on file a complete Equipment Loan Agreement Form to act as a contract between MakeICT and the tool owner.

Tool Identification

  • A tool on loan will be labeled as such and will include contact information for the owner.
  • The tool will also have a link to the wiki outlining care, use, precautions, and training options for use of the tool.

Use of Item

  • MakeICT is responsible for proper use of the Equipment and is responsible for training anyone using the Equipment on the proper use of the Equipment.
  • The item will not leave the MakeICT location at any time, unless back to the lender.
  • Tools loaned to the makerspace will follow the same Machine Access policies as other tools, defined by the Area Lead presiding over that particular area.
  • The loaner of the tool will work with the area lead to determine appropriate policies.
  • If a tool you loan to MakeICT harms any person or property while under operation of MakeICT, you will not be held responsible.

Delivery and Return of Equipment

  • Tools may be retrieved by the owner after notifying the Area Lead and/or Inventory Committee prior to retrieval. This will ensure the MakeITC’s inventory remains up to date and prevent the item being reported as lost/stolen.
  • MakeICT has limited space and may at any time request that you take back your tool. If such a request is made you have 30 days to remove your tool before it is subject to disposal.

Maintenance and Repair

  • MakeICT will ensure loaned tools are maintained in approximately the same or better condition than they were received in.
  • The loaner of the tool will determine who is allowed to perform maintenance or make repairs on the tool. This must be specified before the loan can be accepted.

MakeICT Administration

This policy is based on a model shown successful at Bloominglabs, a hackerspace in Bloomington, Indiana.

Approved by the board on December 17 2020

Page last updated by Anna DiSalvo on 12/21/2020