April 20th 2023

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Board Members

  • Rustin Atkeisson, President
  • James Lancaster, At-Large
  • LaDeana Dockery, At-Large
  • Gary Titus, Treasurer
  • Doug Wilson, Secretary
  • Sherry Ibrahim, Vice President
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large



Kez Cook, Mike Barushok, Matthew Cleary, Joe Birzer, Nicolle Reid, Dean Day, Gaye Cain

Standing Items

  • Thanks & Recognition
  • Nicolle Reid for her outstanding efforts to cleanup the financial records and make them easier to maintain than before
  • Sherry I. and Aaron R. for all their help with coordinating with all the roof estimators
  • Sherry I. Kim B. for hanging up the donor wall!
  • Kim B. for creating all of the donor wall signs!
  • Sherry I, LaDeana D., James L., and Malissa L. for continuing to hunt and apply for more scholarships
  • Jesse Schlenker, Rob DuTeau, Bill Dickey for creating the Garden hoop tunnel
  • Jesse S., Rob D., Bill D. and Bee Wherrell for helping fight the bindweed in the Garden
  • Bill Youngers for assisting the Master Gardeners with preparing the soil in their plot
  • Bill Youngers, and Gemma Blackburn for cranking out all the make and take items for the renaissance fair
  • Joe and Wes for putting up the much needed restroom signs
  • Thanks to everyone that helped with the virtual school visits this week! (Malissa, James, LaDeana, Sherry, and the gentleman that helped out today)
  • April Schlenker for daily watering and maintenance
  • Rustin for hauling lumber for raised beds, James L for supervising the virtual school kids build raised beds, Bee Wherrell, Bill Dickey and Lesley Kirkland for hard labor breaking up soil and removing concrete from the garden, & Sean Sandefur for building a raised bed
  • Sherry I, LaDeana, James L, and Malissa for working with USD 259's virtual school students this week

Old Business

Surplus Auction

  • Still have stuff waiting to be picked up
  • Spot welder is gone!
  • May want to consider making a policy in the near future to cover how we handle auctions in the future

Wild Apricot Price Increase/Extension

  • Lower rate did not work out
  • New rate is $80 not the higher rate

MakerFair - Exploration Place

  • Rustin and Malissa are on the panel
  • Sounds like another meeting will be coming up soon (no date picked yet)
  • The main ask from Exploration Place was for MakeICT members to come up with interactive projects/learning activities

Election Committee

  • Review of election committee
    • 4 Members on the committee with room to grow
    • In person meeting in the next couple of weeks to get the group moving
    • Will then put out a formal call for nominations before May 19th (aiming for May 17th)
    • Have 1 official nomination at this point

Open Position On Board

  • Jeremy Blackburn rescinded his decision to join the board
  • Dean Day has expressed interest in joining the board
    • Dean had to leave early for an emergency
  • Kez Cook is willing to run for the last 2 months
  • Joe Birzer is willing to run for the last 2 months as well
  • Doug Wilson moves to appoint Joe Birzer to be an interim member at large until the next term (July 1st)
    • 2nd by LaDeana Dockery
    • 5 yea, 1 abstain, 1 not voting, Motion carries

Roof Funding

  • Insurance changed their mind - they are willing to pay for a full removal and replacement of the roof
  • We are on our for additional costs
  • Remove and replace means putting 1in insulation back up, if we want thicker insulation, we will have to do some fundraising for it
  • Will have to be pretty quick at raising those funds
  • Working with estimates from 4 different companies on roof and need to decide which one to go with
    • Estimates are being compared from the following companies: Buckley Roofing, Farha Roofing, New Image Construction
  • Coordinating with Insurance and these companies to find a cost effective roof that will last 20+ years as well as handle the Kansas winds
  • May call an emergency board meeting (preferably in person, worst case by phone) to approve selecting a company and approving a contract
  • Still need warranty information on one of the roofs before we really have an apples to apples comparison of the roofs

Makerfest Market March 25 (11am-3pm)

  • Was packed
  • Lost track, but had over 100 attendees
  • Sounded like most of the vendors did more than break even
  • Have a survey out for vendors to tell us how it went and how we can improve
  • Will have another meeting soon to review survey and get the fall and winter makermarkets rolling

New Business

Treasurer’s Report - Gary

  • We spent less than anticipated
  • All bento cards have been ordered for area leads
  • Finally have a full and complete report (thank you Nicolle!)
  • March Revenue $18696, Net Revenue of $5133
  • Sales tax $243
  • Special Note: When checking in students, instructors need to make sure the student’s ‘PAID’ box is checked before admitting them to class. If not, they should insist upon payment, or prohibit them from participating in the event (at least not mark them present, as that is how instructor payout is calculated).

Minutes Approval

  • Board to review minutes notes from March

March: https://wiki.makeict.org/wiki/March_16th_2023

  • LaDeana Dockery moves that we approve the March Meeting Minutes as posted on the wiki
    • 2nd by Aaron Rivers
    • 7 yea, 0 abstain, 1 not voting, Motion carries

@DECISION: March 16th Board Meeting Minutes Approval

Open Fundraising Committee Lead Position

  • The Fundraising committee is in need of a lead
    • They would need to work directly with several board members given the nature of some of the grants we have run across
    • Position is open to general members of MakeICT
  • Jeremy Blackburn has volunteered for the position
  • Rustin Atkeisson moves to approve Jeremy Blackburn for the Fundraising Committee Lead
    • 2nd by James Lancaster
    • 7 yea, 0 abstain, 1 not voting, Motion carries

@DECISION: Jeremy Blackburn for Fundraising Committee Lead

New Policies Recommended by Finance

@DECISION: Bento Card Policy

  • Sales Tax on Consumables Policy
    • No policy currently exists to cover tax rates on consumables (we have to report those as sales to the state of KS)
    • Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FAknzbFUlygSCWf5TKInb2UZGzM3GBlZ/view?usp=sharing
    • Request to remove the tax rate against renting screens (not taxable)
    • Would not be adding extra cost to existing items, this is clarification of what we are recording as taxable amounts to the state every quarter
    • Straight donations should be submitted differently from consumable sales and be paid in the blue box by the entry doors
    • This is for consumables and not retail goods (like consignment items)
  • Gary Titus moves to approve Sales Tax policy minus the mention of taxing the rented screens.
    • 2nd by Doug Wilson
    • 7 yea, 0 Nay, 0 abstain, 1 not voting, Motion carries

@DECISION: Sales Tax On Consumables

@DECISION: Cash Donation Policy

ADAH Committee

  • Following people have agreed to be on the Code of Conduct Reports Committee, which will receive and investigate Code of Conduct concerns and report to the Board.
    • June Huie, Michael Atherton, John Nicholas, Gretchen Koch, James Lancaster, Serena Oden-Powers
    • would be responsible for reports and taking care of warning and education steps, as well as making further recommendations to the board
    • would be responsible for the investigation of the reports
    • if a law is broken, the issue would need to be taken to outside authorities as necessary
    • the disciplinary policy and committee discussed on the forum would be under a separate policy
  • Sherry Ibraham moves that the board approve the Code of Conducts Reports Committee to include the following members: June Huie, Michael Atherton, John Nicholas, Gretchen Koch, James Lancaster, Serena Oden-Powers
    • 2nd by Rustin Atkeisson
    • 5 yea, 0 Nay, 2 abstain, 1 not voting, Motion carries


Executive Session

  • Board entered executive session
  • Board exited executive session

Building Access Policy

  • Revise Building access policy to add the following:
    • All art, signs, etc. must be approved by the appropriate lead, committee, or board. All space not allocated to a specific area belongs to Facilities.
  • Doug Wilson moves to accept the new addition to the building access policy.
    • 2nd by Gary Titus
    • 7 yea, 0 Nay, 0 abstain, 1 not voting, Motion carries

@DECISION: Building Access Policy

Committee Reports

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays

  • Member Orientation
    • Saturday May 6th @2:30pm
    • Tuesday May 16th @ 6pm

2023 Board Meetings

Decision Summary

    Task Summary