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Committee Name: Facilities Committee

Committee Type: Standing

Recognized by BOD: 7/25/2020

Start Date: 7/25/2020

End Date: ongoing

Budget: $2,000.00

Physical Space Assignment: Room 6 / Garage, Boiler Room, Two Mop Closets, Janitors Closet

Chair (as of xx/xx/2020): x

Vice-Chair (as of xx/xx/2020): x

Members (as of xx/xx/2020):

Description / Purpose Statement: The Facilities Committee will be responsible for maintaining our facility in good operating condition.

Specific Assigned Duties:

  • Recruit members to the committee to complete the work that needs to be done.
  • Develop a scheduling system to keep track of building maintenance items and review it periodically to ensure required tasks are being completed.
  • Ensure that volunteer hours completed are logged.
  • Report to the Makerspace Admin / BOD as necessary to have any maintenance / repair work completed that is outside the ability of the membership to complete safely and/or within necessary code requirements.
  • Tasks the committee will be responsible for:
    • Coordinating with Area Leads and Other Committees to execute infrastructure work and provide supplies to maintain their spaces in good working order
    • Common Area Trash Collection
    • Bathroom Cleaning / Stocking
    • Lawncare Coordination and Lawncare equipment maintenance
    • Common Area Cleaning and Sanitizing, including mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc.
    • Hallways and egress doors kept clear from obstructions
    • Exterior Building Maintenance / Cleaning
      • Gutter Cleaning
      • Window Washing
      • Snow and ice removal on sidewalks and entryways
    • Care, cleaning, and organization of Room 6 / Garage, Boiler Room, Two Mop Closets, Janitors Closet
    • Stocking shared cleaning supplies
    • First aid / safety equipment stocking
    • Fire extinguisher annual maintenance
    • Collect and maintain a notebook of SDS sheets from the area leads
    • HVAC filter maintenance and annual equipment checks
    • Maintain an inventory of shared tools and equipment and keep them organized