February 21 2021 Garden Committee

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Types of garden to consider? Fruit, vegetables, xeriscape, bee, butterfly, water collection, green house, compost, herbs, fruit trees


Pest control options

Rent, how do we meter, how do we engage the community?

Insurance policy what it covers? Do we need additional insurance

Community Service use of garden

Look for donations and grants Hillside Feed and Seed discount on seed and plants resale plants for some funds.

Extension office- Extension Service Master Gardener(free)

Shaun Sigley 40 gallon rain barrel

Long term goals teach what we have built.

Short term walk space and determine what area is available.

Malissa-set up meeting, other makerspace, code for zoning we’re in

Meet again next Sunday.

Have committee and plan together by next Board meeting March 18th

Code for space so we know what we can and can not do.