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This is a page that collects resources for the use and training of Board Members, Area Leads and Committee Leads.

There is also a printable Cheat Sheet.

How to Become a Leader

  • Board Member (Election at the Annual Meeting in June - see calendar for dates)
  • Area Lead (Appointed by the board - Reviewed in September)
  • Committee Lead

Who to Contact

I want to... email
Be able to edit the wiki
Be able to see and edit google drive pages

Full List of Leadership Contacts

Committee Leads/Group Leads


  • Attend Group Leads meeting
  • Represent committee at board meeting (3rd Thursday of the Month)
  • Hold at least one meeting/publish notes
  • Update wiki (if needed)


  • Prepare the committee/group's budget for the next year to be reviewed during the November/December board meeting

Meeting Notes

Jamboard 7/21