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General Information

MakeICT's FabLab is an open 300 sq ft area dedicated to fabrication and rapid prototyping. Members can test ideas and concepts before moving on to more expensive materials or processes, or simply enjoy the creative process of making.

If you have any issues with FabLab equipment, please e-mail fablab@makeict.org.

Access Policy

3D Printers and Foam Cutter

Laser Cutter

  • Use of the Laser Cutter requires authorization by an approved instructor. Classes will be offered on a regular basis for those who need them. Visit the Laser Cutter page for details.

All Equipment

  • Equipment requiring authorization may be operated by an unauthorized user only under the direct supervision of an authorized user.

Approved by the board on February 5, 2017

FabLab Area Safety

  1. Do not use any machine you are not trained on and comfortable using. If at any time you are unsure of what you are doing, stop immediately and ask for help.
  2. Do not use any machine that is not in good working order. Stop, unplug and leave a note on the machine and notify FabLab leadership.
  3. Never assume a tool is properly adjusted; always check the tool prior to use.
  4. Never modify or hack any equipment.
  5. If something is wrong, leave a note in an obvious place on the troubled equipment and e-mail fablab@makeict.org.

Equipment List

Picture What Manufacturer Model Status Resources
Rostock Max V2.jpeg 3D Printer SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2 Operational

MakeICT resources

External resources

Reprap Mendel Prusa.jpg 3D Printer James Lancaster RepRap Prusa Mendel Questionable

MakeICT resources

External resources

Ultimaker II.jpeg 3D Printer Ultimaker Ultimaker 2 Operational

MakeICT resources

External resources

Foam-Cutter.jpg Foam Cutter Tom McGuire Foam Cutting Machine Operational
Xbox-kinect.jpg Kinect Scanner Microsoft Kinect Operational
Turntable for Kinect James Lancaster Turntable Operational
Graphtec Plotter/Vinyl Cutter Graphtec Graphtec_FC2200-90/EX Setting up
Laser cutter.jpg Laser Cutter Rabbit Laser QX1290 Operational

MakeICT resources

External resources