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MakeICT is operated entirely by member-volunteers, so there are many ways that you can be involved with MakeICT at whatever level you're looking for.

Around the makerspace

Here's a list of tasks that need to be done around the makerspace

Shared areas / general

  • Classroom
  • Front/Co-Working Space
  • Gallery
    • Build mobile partitions
    • Install hanger strip on short wall
  • Lounge
  • Front Door Area
    • Build a secure box (with locking door) to catch mail put through the slot next to the front door. Can be wood or metal, but should look nice from both outside and inside. Keys should go to Treasurer and President.


  • Create access policy


  • Label drawers, bins, tool boxes, shelves, etc
  • Create access policy

Fab Lab

  • Wrap all tools with red tape


  • Organize and label shelves


  • General shop cleaning
  • Organize shelves near Tormach
  • Organize metal storage


  • Fix sewing machine table leg (might be done) (It should be done, but someone who knows what their doing should double check my job)


  • Make drawer boxes for under bench storage
  • Make IR sensor system for dust collector bin like Oneida Air (check with Mike H before working)
  • Need to find trash collection focal for Sunday evenings (Monday collection).

Jewelry Lab

  • Build a vent hood (we have sheet aluminum for this to the left of the Wood Shop doors) above the torch area, with a powered vent that joins another vent somewhere above the ceiling.

Leadership committees

Some activities are easier to manage by grouping them together. We've created these volunteer groups, and anyone is invited to help out with them.

Communications Hive

  • Queen bee: Jens Torell
  • Responsible for marketing, maintaining the website, updating the calendar, and social media accounts
  • Volunteer opportunities:
    • Fix/update wiki pages that need attention
    • Create a member directory
    • Create an accurate, scaled, interactive map of the makerspace so people cand find things (like a micrometer, light switches, hot glue, trash bags, a screwdriver, fire extinguishers, etc)


  • Govna: Dominic Canare
  • The governance committee is in charge of the smooth operation of the organization by identifying leadership roles and defining policies.
  • Volunteer opportunities:

Outreach Gaggle

  • Leader: Barbara Davis
  • Gives MakeICT a presence in various community events, including art fairs, RiverFest, K12 partnerships, etc.
  • Volunteer opportunities: visit the Outreach Gaggle main page for more information.

Special Projects Brigade

  • Leader: Kip Landwehr
  • Art and Tech bus
    • An electric bus that we are converting into a mobile art gallery and educational-activity mobile
    • Contact Mike Barushok to find out how you can help
  • Authentication/network file server
    • Allows makerspace members to have a network account which can be used to authenticate to any machine in the makerspace with their customized settings and access to a personal folder on a network file share.
    • Run electrical from breaker box to server rack in the classroom
    • Contact Kip Landwehr to find out how you can help
  • Video security system
    • Provides remote video monitoring of the makerspace
    • Contact Kip Landwehr to find out how you can help

Long-term volunteer positions

Besides our board of directors and Area Leads, we rely on some volunteer positions that require a little longevity. These positions are listed below, and although some of them are filled, the people performing those tasks can still use your help!

Chief security officer

  • Filled by: Matthew Pogue
  • Reports to: Makerspace Director
  • Head of the Security Team
  • Enroll NFC keys for new members and train them on the security system
  • Assign locker keys
  • Respond to alarms

Security Officers

Current officers

- David Springs [2016]
- Catherine Barba [2016]
- Audrey Barba [2016]
- Mark Satoria [2016]
- Mike Barushok [2017]
  • Security Officers report to the Chief Security Officer

Position requirements

  • Must be an active member of MakeICT for 6 Months.
  • Must not have any outstanding problems with MakeICT or any of its programs.
  • Must be willing to be present at the space for a minimum of 3 hours a week and willing to donate time with helping new members receive keys.
  • Be present at a minimum of 2 public events a month (Maker Mondays count) to register keys and watch the space.
  • Be accepted by an affirmative vote during a public board meeting.
  • We are looking for new security officers. If you are interested in helping the space in this manor, contact Matthew Pogue

Safety Sultan

  • Filled by: Clark Shultz
  • Reports to Makerspace Director
  • Manage and provide oversight of safety policies, procedures, and practices for MakeICT. Responsibilities include:
    • Defining safe practices for all equipment/machinery at the MakeICT Makerspace
    • Ensuring that safety-related materials are available, maintained, and convenient. Including (but not limited to):
      • Machine information
      • Safety glasses
      • MSDS
      • Fire extinguishers
      • First aid kit
      • Ensure proper safety practices are being followed at all MakeICT events (workshops, classes, conventions, etc)
      • Serve as the point of contact for safety-related inquiries

Volunteer Ombudsperson

  • Filled by: Kez!
  • Identify, maintain, and recruit for volunteer opportunities within MakeICT