November 17th 2022

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Board Members

  • Rustin Atkeisson, President
  • Sherry Ibrahim, Vice President
  • Ethan Doak, Secretary
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large
  • James Lancaster, At-Large
  • LaDeana Dockery, At-Large
  • Doug Wilson, At-Large
  • Gary Titus, Treasurer


  • Brian Pressnall
  • Gaye Caine
  • Jeremiah Burian
  • Mike Barushok
  • Ben Rogers
  • David Springs
  • Jay Christensen
  • Sarah Denton
  • Michelle Lefavor
  • Patrick Hutchison

Standing Items

  • Thanks & Recognition
    • Kim Burton and the middle school volunteer effort.
    • Gary Titus for all of his efforts getting the books ready for tax season
    • Jessica Wiley, Kim Nguyen, James Lancaster, Michael Atherton, Aaron Rivers, Ethan Doak, Rustin Atkeisson, Shepard Prince, Alex Simmons and Serena Oden-Powers for their help on the Code of Conduct and the AD&AH committee.

Old Business

Area/Committee Name Alignment

  • Need to clarify or propose a policy that makes it clear about what is an Area and what is a Committee
  • Will be brought up for the next board meeting
  • James Lancaster is working on the policy, please contact him by email or forum to help.

Collecting Demographic information

  • James is getting that ready, it will be sent out via wild apricot/email when ready.
  • Will reach out on multiple platforms when the survey is sent

COVID Mask Policy Discussion / Update - All


  • Letterpress - working on it as of 7/21, will have it done for leads meeting
  • First class was on 10/26

New Business

Treasurer’s Report - Gary

  • James has been working real hard, Gary has been without books since the last week in October, working on a solution.
  • We will update quickbooks to the newest (online) version, so that we can work on it from multiple versions.
  • James has been analyzing Wildapricot, and putting a ton of stuff in spreadsheets to get up to date with something similar to a budget.
  • 2022 Financials spreadsheet was provided. “It’s an attempt to get us to where we need to be, we are not there yet” -James Lancaster (don’t rely on this for anything)
  • “We will get there” -Gary
  • Rustin worked with the area leads to hopefully create a budget for the next year. Will hopefully be done by Dec 8th.
  • James moves we buy the Quickbooks Online for $75
  • Rustin feels this is under the amount the treasurer can spend for this
  • Ethan seconds
  • Motion passes by acclamation

Code of Conduct Policy Creation

  • Committee began meeting in August, committee explored a number of options between writing a code of contact, or adopting a standard.
  • A lot of makerspaces use the code of conduct from the Geek Feminism Wiki.
  • Sherry moves we accept the code of conduct as presented.
  • Sherry amends her motion to remove the word Privileged from the below statement:
  • MakeICT prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. The Board of Directors reserves the right not to act on complaints regarding:
  • Gary seconds the motion
  • Brian feels we should change this bit of text to as follows:

MakeICT prioritizes members’s safety over member’s comfort. The Board of Directors reserves the right not to act on complaints regarding:

  • Mike feels this policy does not address a member of the board/committee requising themselves from the discussion if they have an outside-relationship with the accused.
  • Mike feels we should add a policy that governs the ethics of the board, and the appearnce of ethics of the board.
  • Mike feels that we should be sure to consider all types of marginalized communities, IE Age and disability.
  • Ben recommends we add a responsibility to follow this policy to the Bylaws.
  • Doug feels we could remove the word Privlged from the
  • Michelle feels that we need policy, and we need rules and regulation. But she is concerned about the interpretation of different aspects of the policy. For example if someone walks in on the tail end of the conversation and could be offended or misconstrued, and then reported.
  • Much further discussion happened, if deemed appropriate I will add notes
  • Motion carries unanimously
  • The code of conduct policy commitee will meet again on November 29th

Mt. Vernon Signage

  • Looking into replacing the sheet metal sign along Washington with an something that has MakeICT on it
  • Permits have been looked into
  • Currently looking into quotes for how much the sign would cost and who can legally do the work
  • Currently looking into quotes for how much the sign would cost and who can legally do the work
  • Both companies quoted about $2000 to replace the sign, Rustin feels that we should continue to explore other options.

Wichita Virtual School (USD 259)

  • Teachers from Wichita Virtual School visited MakeICT on November 4th to discuss hosting classes and demonstrations for students at MakeICT during the day
  • All teachers involved would go through training and authorization courses prior to bringing in students and would coordinate with Area Leads to make different projects happen
  • They may meet at MakeICT possibly 2 to 3 times a month with up to 30 students at a time for 2 to 3 hours (each group would come once a month from January to May)
  • 1 chaperone per 5 students
  • timeline is 12-2pm
  • one concern, what kind of workload does this add to the Ceramics area lead for them to use the Ceramics studio.
  • Current projects lined up for screenprinting and textiles
  • Ben wants to make sure that the students/parents sign waivers and have name tags.
  • Currently teachers are making sure that students/teachers have signed our waver.
  • Patrick feels like the Area lead needs to agree to do that, and there needs to be some arrangement that we would have members lined up.
  • It is unknown if any of the teachers are current members
  • Board gives this event it’s blessing as long as it follows our policy, and bylaws, and Area leads are kept in the loop as far as what classes are being held. Event should also be on the calendar.

Founders Day Update

  • Looking for short demo projects during the day to represent each area.
  • Proclamation has been submitted to the city of Wichita to declare Dec 3rd as MakeICT day
  • A member has volunteered to make a balloon arch for the event
  • Flyers are up around the makerspace and is being advertised on Facebook and Instagram, posters going up around town
  • Review of Vendor Contract
  • Mayor Brandon Whipple will be a speaker at the ribbon cutting!
  • People are planning on bringing items for the garage sale
  • Ribbon Cutting will be at 1, Vendor fair will be from 1:30-5:30.
  • 18 available spaces for Vendors, and we have 7-8 already spoken for!
  • Volunteers are needed as well as food for the potluck!
  • 6-11 - Member Appreciation Party! (Members and member’s personal guests only 🙂)
  • Room 4 will be party central!
  • We will make a forum post for the potluck

Building Access Policy Revision

  • Building Access Policy does not cover tailgating which makes it possible for unauthorized members to enter the building
  • To enhance security of the building and members, it is best to ban the practise of tailgating
  • Request revising the Building Access Policy to add the following requirement:

All members must badge in at the entry door to access the building. It is not the responsibility of any member to provide access to the building for another person. Any person that claims that their badge is at home or that their badge does not work will need to contact security prior to being allowed into the building.

Ethan moves we adopt the revision to the building access policy

  • All members must badge in at the entry door to access the building.
  • It is not the responsibility of any member to provide access to the building for another person.
  • Any person that claims that their badge is at home or that their badge does not work will need to contact security prior to being allowed into the building.
  • Ethan moves we accept the text as shown
  • Gary seconds
  • Passes by acclamation

Guest Policy Revision

  • Guest Policy does not currently cover the usage of tools and equipment by guests
  • This would be a liability issue should a guest be injured while using equipment at the space
  • Request revising the Guest Policy to add the following requirement:
  • Guests must complete appropriate training by an authorized instructor before use of restricted equipment.
  • Rustin moves we accept the amendment to the policy
  • James seconds
  • Passes by acclamation

Parking Policy Creation

  • Currently do not have a policy for parking, but talk about where to park during orientation
  • Main concern is parking by entry doors (especially the West doors) - blocking these doors inhibits rescue crews from entering the building
  • Draft of Policy:

Members are individually responsible for parking their vehicle in the appropriate places at MakeICT. Members are to park in the gravel area to the north of the building. Parking on Drolinger to the East of the building is acceptable. Members may park in front of any of the entrances for less than half an hour to load and unload their vehicles. The entrances need to remain free of obstruction should emergency personnel need to access the building. Exceptions can be made for special events.

  • Gary recommends putting up signs in appropriate areas
  • Ethan moves we accept this policy
  • Rustin seconds
  • Passes by acclamation

Area Lead Election

  • Putting the word out now for new area leads, the current people have spoken up and said they are willing to be area leads at this point
  • Woodshop - Jesse Schlenker
  • Metalshop - Rustin Atkeisson
  • Screenprinting - Doug Wilson
  • Ceramics - Patrick Hutchison/Gaye Caine
  • Fablab - Steve Saner (but he would like for someone to take over, Dom C. mentioned he might be up for helping out)
  • Electronics lab - James Seymour
  • Print Shop/Letterpress - David Springs
  • Visual Arts - Kim Nguyen
  • Textiles - Casper
  • Gallery - Dean Day
  • Garden Area - Sean Sandefur
  • Current Leads or New Leads need to fill out the Google doc posted on the forum indicating interest

October Minutes Approval

  • Board to review minutes notes

  • Motion

Interim Textile Lead

  • James moves we reappoint Malissa Long Wilson as Textiles Area Lead until the end of the year
  • Aaron seconds

Passes by acclamation

Rustin moves we enter into executive session

The board leaves executive session.

Member 1 access to the space

A member violated multiple policies and left the metalshop in an unsafe condition for other members Friday the 11th, they were notified Saturday November 12th that their access will be revoked until December 12th, and their metalshop authorization was revoked.

  • They must re-take the metalshop safety class to regain access to the metalshop.
  • Rustin moves that we instruct security to turn their badge back on on Dec 12th.
  • James seconds
  • Passes by acclamation

Member 2 access to the space

A member approached the board about getting their access reinstated, the board votes to ask security to turn their access back on with a filled in key form.

  • Rustin moves we instruct security to turn their badge back with a completed key form
  • Ethan second
  • 5 in favor, 1 abstain, 1 no


  • Gary moves we adjourn
  • Ethan seconds
  • Passes by acclamation

Committee Reports

Committees should consider their chairpeople in the next month before the election in September.

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana Dockery

Communications - Sherry Ibrahim

  • Meetings:
    • Recurring: 4th Wednesday @ 8pm primarily online, except November’s will be the week after Thanksgiving

Events Committee - X

  • See above (Classroom Management Committee)

Facilities Committee - Joe Birzer

  • On Calendar Tuesday 6:30

Finance Committee - Gary Titus

  • 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30
  • Usually meet in Room 3 or the lounge (whichever is cooler)

Fundraising - Ethan Doak

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Thursday @ 7pm)

Letterpress - David Springs

  • Started having classes

Lounge/Breakroom - ? Anyone interested in taking over?

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Suggested to see if people want to take over this.

Garden - Sean Sandefur

  • next meeting Dec 11, 2022 at 10AM
  • winter peas are growing in 3 communal beds thanks to Kim Burton’s middle school volunteers

IT - Tom Bloom

  • Next meeting ?

Inventory - Ben Rogers

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Wednesday @ 6pm)
  • Ceramics has already completed their area inventory update

Membership (and Community Outreach)

Membership as of 2022-04-14: 467 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-04-21: 466 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-05-12: 462 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-06-16: 459 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-07-21: 457 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-08-18: 456 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-09-18: 445 (plus 2 donors) Membership as of 2022-10-22: 452 (plus 2 donors)

  • next meeting Monday Sept

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana Dockery

  • See Classroom above

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman/David Springs

  • are working on a proposal to update and upgrade the security cameras

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - x

  • See events

Welcome Center - ?

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • As per committee policy: No meeting for a while, will need to be reviewed 1 months/meetings from now.

Other Items Discussed

Past Events

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • Breakfast with the board
  • December 10th 9am
  • At the Makerspace, Breakfast potluck
  • Member Orientation
    • Saturday November 12th @2:30pm
    • Tuesday November 22nd @ 6pm
  • Founders Day
    • Saturday December 3rd

Decision Summary

    Task Summary

      Ethan moves we adjourn LaDeana Seconds Motion carries by acclimation