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MakeICT's wiki is a place where anybody can share information, thoughts, or anything helpful about any project or topic which may be of interest to MakeICT members. This wiki is open to and editable by anybody wishing to contribute. If you wonder if something could be on here then it can. If you need help editing or adding anything to the wiki contact to make the changes for you.

MakeICT's mission: We innovate, learn, and build community at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture.


Collective information about each area and leads is listed on the Contact Information page.


Committees are voluntary groups, formed in order to operate and maintain a new area of the Makerspace, foster growth of a community of interested persons, or accomplish certain needs, subject to the oversight of the Board of Directors. To form a committee for a new thing or area, and for responsibilities see the information in the committee policy.

Collective information about each committee and lead is listed on the Contact Information page.

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